Stefanie Giesinger posts BH-less photo – the viewpoint is quite unhappy

Stefanie Giesinger posts BH-loose photo - but the viewpoint is unhappy

Stefanie Giesinger posted a photo without bra.

© Instagram / Stefanie Giesinger

Stefanie Giesinger has almost four million followers on Instagram. But some are completely confused after a revealing photo.

Munich – Stefanie Giesinger enchanted the fans with their appearance. The winner of Germanys Next Top Model (2014) shows up again and again in beautiful poses on Instagram. Your followers are sometimes more than ecstatic.

Just recently, the users of several topless photos were blown away. They wrote things like, “how hard you look.” But now “Topless” again seems to be a topic and this time in the literal sense. Because under one of , posts are a few followers pretty confused, as far as the bust of Stefanie Giesinger.

Stefanie Giesinger: Confusion about daring top-without-post

The 23-year-old lies in jeans and denim jacket leaning against a wall on the floor. Their step is covered by flowers, the top wide open, everything is still in the frame. But some miss their breasts. The GNTM winner is being puzzled by some questions. “Then you ask yourself: Does , have any breasts?”, It says in a comment. Another man gives himself less trouble and says: “Where are the breasts?”.

The angle seems unfortunate chosen, together with the pose and the placement of , jacket you may be able to understand one or the other question, but the amazement is limited. Apart from a few negative comments like “The photo looks awful …” or if , copulates with the bouquet, many fans have only positive things left.

But one went Photo request from former GNTM model Jana Heinisch backfires to their followers, reports*.

Video: Stefanie Giesinger believes: Never reality on Instagram

Stefanie Giesinger's photo also causes a jubilation

“Oha, Hammer”, “Wow, super elegant photo. Great idea with the flowers “or” Du Hübschi “are the consensus below the picture. Also many hearts are posted. After all, the result is almost 77,000 “Like”. , herself writes about the photo: “Thank you very much for this beautiful bouquet”.

Meanwhile, , “discoverer” Heidi Klum is presenting a new format. Many fans find that the model mom does not fit in there and complain. Recently, Klum also posted a photo of , socks, but some fans had to “gag”.

Male celebrities also present their bodies on Instagram: a well-known TV chef is currently providing a picture of , six-pack – even celebrity colleagues can not resist comments.

Germany fevered with ,: Gesa Krause secured bronze at the World Athletics Championships in Doha. Now , shows herself wonderfully relaxed and without a bra on vacation.




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