Sarah Connor took testosterone to play , role in “Terminator” | News

Sarah Connor took testosterone to play her role in "Terminator" | Trends

Although initially , doctors recommended that , opt for a series of hormones in order to gain enough muscle mass that required , return to the universe 'Terminator', the truth is that actress Linda Hamilton, who has resumed , unforgettable role of Sarah Connor at age 63 and facing the impending film premiere 'Dark Fate', , has revealed now that , finally opted for some testosterone supplements that , seems to regret slightly.

“My blood pressure went through the clouds, I started to get angry very easily and the truth is that I did not understand why … I came to have explosive behavior. It turns out that I am a more sensitive person than what I thought at first moment, and those pills did not suit my body at all “, explained the incombustible Artist to the British newspaper Daily Mail

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