Popular hit duo settles down with Dieter Bohlen – “disappointment was great”

Popular hit duo settles down with Dieter Bohlen - "disappointment was great"

Dieter Bohlen produced an album by Fantasy – and made the hit duo so unhappy.

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Success guarantor Dieter Bohlen produced the fantasy album “Freudensprünge”. But for the hit duo, the collaboration was a nightmare. Now the musicians settle down with the poptitan.

Hamburg – Celebrating over three decades Dieter Bohlen now one success after another. As one half of the duo Modern Talking , coined poptitanium the 80s. And even after the separation of Thomas Anders was the producer out Tötensen at Hamburg continue successfully. Thanks to ,, musicians like Andrea Berg have topped the charts since 2002 Dieter Bohlen Now in the DSDS jury, there has risen to the chief juror.

For 20 years, too Martin Hein and Fredi Malinowski, better known as Fantasy, on stage. But only in 2009 they achieved the breakthrough. And thanks Dieter Bohlen, who produced , album “Freudensprünge” in 2016, succeeded for the second time in the hit duo Album charts, But happy Hein and Malinowski Looking back, not about it. On the contrary – calculate now Fantasy with the Dieter Bohlen off, like nordbuzz.de * reported.

Dieter Bohlen: The dream collaboration became a nightmare

With the cooperation with Dieter Bohlen went for the two guys from Fantasy First, a long-standing dream come true. But then the musical collaboration developed into one nightmare, as Malinowski and Hein in an interview with T-Online tell. “When I was 15, I always wanted to record a record, too,” reveals Fredi Malinowski, , and Martin Hein Both are already long ModernTalkingfans been. When then a collaboration with Dieter Bohlen revealed that the joy was of course incredibly large – but this was also true for the nervousness of the two Musician and , reverence for that pop titanwho in Tötensen at Hamburg lives.

“In the studio, we were not relaxed because we had so much respect for Dieter's success,” explains Martin Hein, The cooperation was quite sobering for then Fantasy, “The disappointment over Dieter Bohlen was great when we met , “, continues Malinowski in the interview. “When we were in the studio, we noticed that the songs sounded very different in the end.” In general, , has the song selection of the Poptitans did not like at all. Also a disappointment experienced a YouTuber in the interview with Dieter Bohlen.

Dieter Bohlen: Fantasy would not work again with the Poptitan

For Hein and Malinowski is clear: a repetition with Dieter Bohlen there will never be. Although “jumps of joy” proved commercially very successful, were Fantasy just unhappy with the record. “I never heard the album again because I was so disappointed,” revealed Fredi Malinowski, The fans were obviously not enthusiastic after working with them Dieter Bohlen The hit duo received a lot of negative feedback. “Only if the songs are from our pen, they have the fantasy style,” explains Martin Hein,

After the devastating DSDS casting in Bremen Dieter Bohlen now lets the “super talent” bomb burst.


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