Palina Rojinski in bikini: It's not a butt – fans are still careful

Palina Rojinski in bikini - this time it's no butt - fans comment on other detail

TV presenter Palina Rojinski shares a picture of , bust size. This time it's not a man's back – but the fans are interested in something different.

Update from 10th September 2019: A rare picture from the presenter Palina Rojinski: It shows with a deep section on Instagram – and this time it is not a disguised men's back, with which the 33-year-old wanted to denounce the media coverage and slippery comments on revealing images (we reported below). Cheerful grinning all in blue Palina from Ibiza shines into the camera. “Wait while eating blueberries on my blue miracle. Wishes everyone a short Monday, “, writes to , picture.

Of course, their fans are enthusiastic: they write “enchanting decollete” and find the redhead “spicy”. Of course, there is also an allusion to Palina's trickery action: “That's not a mason cleavage again, is it?” Asks a user, adding, “I like nothing,” with a smiley smiley – probably for safety's sake.

Funnily, most fans, however, are interested in a very different detail: The oversized cat-eye sunglasses, which the presenter wears – matching the outfit also in blue. “Where did you get the fat sunglasses, which is the killer ??” asks a user, for example. And many other comments are dedicated to glasses. No wonder: the fashionable accessory is very well received by Palina!

Presenter Palina Rojinski with intimate lingerie confession

Update from April 15, 2019: TV star Palina Rojinski has indeed hung up the rhythmic gymnastics gymnastics. But the lively redhead of course keeps fit. What the 33-year-old wearing fitness under , clothes, is no longer a secret. In radio talk with Barbara Schöneberger Palina Rojinski has revealed that , wears two bras during sports. “Once such a really bad grandma bra, which completely surrounds the whole chest with the hanger and then also around the top. And then about a really solid sports top. “

A courageous confession, especially as Rojinski often gets tactless comments on , bust on , Instagram account. In one Gala Interview Palina Rojinski had said that , suffered mostly as a teen under , big bust. , was dissatisfied with , proportions. But over time, , has learned to feel comfortable in , body. “I think it is dangerous if we are all reduced to optics. And reduce ourselves to it, “Palina Rojinski once said to the magazine Gala, Another presenter is making headlines. TV presenter Elke Hofmann suffered a stroke at the dentist, now , has to live with , fear.

Palina Rojinski as open as ever: “Actually, I'm a physical wreck”

Update of April 12, 2019: At 33, Palina Rojinski would be in the prime of , life. But far from it: As the presenter admits in the radio show “barba radio”, , feels more like a 60-year-old. “Actually, I'm a physical wreck,” explains Rojinski in an interview with Barbara Schöneberger. Reason is , time as a gymnast – , practiced this sport extensively: “I had many injuries. My body is inside, under the skin with the whole cartilage, I believe, already 50 or 60. “

The time on the gymnastic equipment also has an effect on , everyday life: “When I walk, my knees hurt after a kilometer.” , does not want to abstain from sports activities, however: “It's so much fun.” , favorite? Move weights in front of you. “When you push a sled in front of you, you get that Terminator feeling. And it's easier than you think! “, explains.

Palina Rojinski: Sold together with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf rump as breasts

Update from March 26, 2019: The Instagram photos by Palina Rojinski (33) regularly contain more than tasteless comments. The TV presenter does not even have to show much skin to attract perverse users to the screen. The 33-year-old wanted to show it to , right now. With the help of friend and TV colleague Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, the two have reached deep into the bag of tricks.

On March 22, Palina Rojinski posted a photo of a plump neckline on , profile. “Finally a nice necklace with my star sign,” commented the former MTV presenter. On the picture you can see only a deep neckline, a few red strands of hair and a chain with a big “P”.

It was not long before a lot of commentary below the snapshot was collected below the belt. Numerous male users saw themselves fueled by Rojinski's bust and let them know that more than clearly.

Incidentally, there are also naked facts in Konny Reimann – but there is nothing fake.

But now let the red-haired TV star burst the bomb. Not their bust size brought the followers to their heads, but a true bricklayer cleavage. Instead of Rojinski namely model Bernd stood in front of the camera and skillfully put , backside in scene. Red fabric, Palina's chains and a few strands of hair – and the illusion was perfect. The whole action was on Monday in Klaas Heufer circulating show “Late Night Berlin” to see. Incidentally, not only numerous followers have fallen for the fake bosom, but also numerous media (including our editors).

The fake photo brought more than 65,000 likes, has been commented on almost 5000 times. A voice of it: Yung Hurn. Now many fans are asking: what did the Austrian rappers know? This question is dealt with*.

Video: That's how Palina Rojinski kidnapped , fans

TV presenter posts this photo – because , just wants to show everyone , new necklace

Update from March 22, 2019: “Finally a nice necklace with my star sign” – these terse words and a hashtag Palina Rojinski (33) loses to , new Instagram photo. , head is not visible on it. But probably , big bust, with the TV presenter coquettish again and again.

Accordingly, their followers not only comment on the golden gem. “Who is looking at the chain? You're really a dream woman, Palina “, writes one. “In this photo is definitely not the chain in the foreground” another. “Discreetly placed … very praiseworthy!” Finds another full of irony.

Another fan says lapidary: “Yes, the chain is also very nice.” Some are also directly: “I do not see the chain for the bosom,” it says there – and other comments are too crude to play here. Nice, however, that many followers join in the fun and put on a similar wink as Rojinski. Of course, it should be aware that not everyone only notices their chain.

Palina Rojinski at the 2018 World Cup: This is the ARD reporter

Our article from April 2018:

Many gentlemen who are not necessarily interested in football will certainly join in with ,. And the football fans have a reason more to pursue the transmissions to the 2018 World Cup in the first because: Presenter and actress Palina Rojinski will be on the ARD during the World Cup in Russia as an external reporter on duty.

Palina Rojinsky.

© Jörg Carstensen / dpa

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, became known as Sidekick of Joko and Klaas in the shows “MTV Home” and “Circus Halligalli”, meanwhile , has also made a name for herself in films like “Dreamwomen” and “Welcome to the Hartmanns”. Two reasons have apparently moved the station to give , the World Cup job: First, , is a first-class entertainer in front of the camera. What is probably the main reason for the ARD, to use them as a reporter at the Football World Cup 2018 (World Cup schedule at *). Second reason: As a native of Russia, , speaks the language of the tournament perfectly.

Palina Rojinski at the Football World Cup 2018: , was already at the Confed Cup in action

Palina Rojinski already knows about football tournaments. In the year before the 2018 World Cup, , was already deployed as a Russia expert for the sports show at the Confederations Cup. Among other things, , presented the audience , hometown of Saint Petersburg, jute by Segway through the city and crashed a wedding company.

At the Confed Cup, , apparently did , job so well that the ARD bosses now send them to the World Cup. , made no secret of the fact that , does not know much about football. Palina Rojinski explained at the World Cup preparation tournament: “Football is not really my cup of tea. But we said from the beginning. You bring me something about the sport and I tell you about Russia. “That worked really well.

Palina Rojinski is anything but unsportsmanlike. , ran the rhythmic gymnastics in terms of performance and even won two German championships in the junior women. Due to injury, , gave up the sport but at 14 years.

Rojinski: “You never know what will happen to you”

Now , is reporting from Russia on the 2018 World Cup. But with what feelings does the 33-year-old travel to the country? “In Russia, on the one hand, I feel completely safe and, on the other hand, totally insecure,” revealed Rojinski mirror, “You never know what will happen to you.” During the tournament, , wanted to “give a picture of Russia, which many do not expect here in Germany”. “I think it's a mistake to lump the Russians together and maintain the cliché of backwardness,” says Rojinski.

Nevertheless, the entertainer “could never live there”. “Germany is such a great country! I like that there is law and order here compared to Russia, “explains Palina Rojinski.

Palina Rojinski: How far can , go as a reporter at the FIFA World Cup 2018?

It will be interesting to see how well Palina Rojinski has to perform for the public broadcaster ARD at the World Cup. For “Circus Halligalli” and “MTV Home”, , proved that , is also pretty tough stuff to have. For Joko and Klaas , was in the category “99 things that a man should have done in , life” on some crass testimonies. So , looked at the notorious fetish film “2 Girls, 1 Cup” with the two guys and fought against the vomiting, Another time, , agreed to light a fart, which was obviously a fake: the camera finally showed up during disgusting a pretty hairy male butt, Legendary is also a video in which , (allegedly) drunk people in the Berlin government district interviewed while (supposedly) vodka cupped. Was , really hailstormed or just playing the intoxication? Everyone has to decide that for themselves. And , pictures on Instagram leave, as * reports, look deeply, which also attracted much attention.

Palina Rojinski will report for the ARD as a reporter from Russia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

© dpa / Christian Charisius

As a suburb reporter at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Palina Rojinski, who drew the first round of the DFB Cup 2018/2019 on June 8 after the match against Germany against Saudi Arabia, will probably have to turn down a few shots. But even without blatant deposits, , is a great entertainer. Whereby: Would of course be funny, if , challenges a few Russians for vodka-betting …

The experience gained so far during the 2018 World Cup, however, shows that this can also go wrong. Concerned Conservatives warn against insisting that native women in Russia engage with foreign men. For the Russian-born, it could be uncomfortable when ,'s partying with the wrong guys.

And for the women there is also something beautiful to see: Rurik Gislason from the Icelandic national team.

Recently, Joko and Klaas were given 15 minutes extra airtime – what they made of it made for goose bumps.

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Podcast Podinski: Palina Rojinski talks with Kontra K about controversial topics

The famous actress and presenter Palina Rojinski recently talked with the rapper Kontra K about quite explosive details of , private life – but on one topic, the two clashed violently.

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