Michael Wendler Hammer: Is girlfriend Laura really going to the jungle camp?

Michael Wendler Hammer: Is girlfriend Laura really going to the jungle camp?

Is Laura Müller really going to the jungle camp? The pretty friend of Michael Wendler is not the only star talking.

Update from October 9, 19.55: Laura and Michael Wendler have cleared up the rumors and made it clear on Instagram: Laura is not going to the jungle camp. While the 19-year-old presents things rather soberly and just writes: “There was indeed a request from the production company ITV, but I decided not to participate in the format” I'm a star gets me out of here. “Your Michael Wendler, however , who has also published a contribution to the topic on , account, writes: “I do not want to expose my girlfriend to the same hostility as I experienced in 2014.” The pop singer continues: “Laura is a wonderful and lovable person and I love , wholeheartedly – so what kind of friend would , not protect you from such a show! “Pretty harsh words against the ever-popular TV show. Michael Wendler left the Jungle Camp voluntarily at that time, only to want to return to the show after , departure.

Update from October 9: That would really be the mega-blast! Is Michael Wendler (47) now also , beautiful friend Laura Müller (19) in the jungle camp? Such is the current state of affairs.

We remember: It was 2014 when the Wendler entered the jungle stage with much fanfare – only to leave the camp after only four days. But what would pop singer be, if , did not want to go one step further? Because only a short time later , revoked , decision and wanted to move back to the jungle camp. Since , had made the bill, however, without RTL, because the transmitter said no. Six years later, a circle could close, because Michael Wendler's beautiful girlfriend Laura Müller is in “I'm a star – get me out of here” in conversation.

The in terms of “jungle camp” usually well informed “Image”Newspaper first reported that Laura Müller should participate in the 2020 edition. Also in conversation: Daniela Büchner (41), wife of the deceased “Goodbye Germany” -shooter Jens Büchner († 49), Hubert Fella (51), known from the Vox show “Hot or scrap” and Sharon Trovato (27) whose Father of RTL detective Jürgen Trovato (57) is. In addition ex-Bachelor Paul Janke (38), the DSDS winner of 2017, Alphonso Williams (57) and Ennesto Monté (44), the ex of Helena Fürst (45).

What about the jungle camp rumor about the beautiful Laura Müller? The fact is: Michael Wendler's girlfriend already collected reality TV experience at this year's “Sommerhaus der Stars”. And , sweetheart could give , some good tips against how , can survive the fight against cockroaches and co. So far, the 19-year-old covered on Instagram. So you can be curious.

Michael Wendler's Laura crying at Oktoberfest – that's the reason for tears

Update from October 3: The Munich Oktoberfest, a place of joy and fun. Countless people sway to music, use the rides and make themselves well. And many celebrities are attracting the Wiesn year after year. Michael Wendler (47) and , girlfriend Laura (19). Sunday, the two stars wanted to make the biggest fair in the world unsafe. But the trip ended in tears drama.

As reported bild.de Michael Wendler and , Laura – of course both in costume – on the Oktoberfest on the way. And a camera team. The pop singer is quoted as saying, “It was Laura's biggest wish that I show , the Oktoberfest.” Even in the first tent, bad words are said to have fallen from drunken guests. As the portal reports, the rotation had to be canceled because Laura should have had tears in , eyes. An anonymous witness describes how Michael Wendler has to calm down , young girlfriend. The last Oktoberfest visit for the couple should not have been.

Curious: On Instagram Laura portrays the story quite differently. In a picture of , and Michael Wendler writes the beautiful brunette: “The graduation in the Ferris wheel was very romantic.” In addition, , friend had given , the biggest gingerbread heart that there was. tz.de even reports on the following Instagram statement: “The insults are fictitious! No one offended us, quite the contrary. Everyone wanted to take pictures, as always. “So no tears drama about Laura and Michael Wendler at the Oktoberfest?

Michael Wendler: Girlfriend Laura embarrassing – fans rip , up in the air

Update from October 1st: Michael Wendler (47) and , Laura (19) are one heart and one soul. If the two reality stars do not just jetting through the world and provide their numerous fans with Bussi images, this works at first glance, unlike couples hard. Michael Wendler sings, Laura is now a successful influencer. But after an appearance Laura was only embarrassed, the fans made minced meat out of ,.

The appearance of Michael Wendler, in which Laura had mastered , first moderation job, was in Oberhausen (NRW). , wore a black dress with a mega neckline and chic heels. Krass: According to media reports, the fans kept shouting “We want to see Laura!” Not only Michael Wendler was on stage, but also other stars of the industry. The Schlagerbarde behaved like a man of honor and calmed , treasure before , big appearance in front of several spectators.

But after the performance Laura was in the opinion of many fans only embarrassing. The reason: , thanked Instagram in English. That drew mighty malice. “Why in English? At the concert, you also spoke German, “says one user. “Since when is Oberhausen please so international?” Pests another. Many comments go in the same direction. Poor Laura, but Michael Wendler will surely take , comfortingly in , arms.

Michael Wendler and Laura: Now the next hammer comes to light

Update from September 16th: Michael Wendler (47) and , Laura (19) continue to turtle through the history of the world. The couple shows at every opportunity that the age difference does not bother them. And now even a baby is mentioned! Krass: Laura Müller even names a date.

After Michael Wendler and Laura Müller unsettled the “Sommerhaus der Stars” (RTL), a little bit of Malle-Schlager action was announced. The two lovers were also on the road in the States. The young luck is just over a year old and yet the two have a crush on the first day. What else could be missing? Sure, a baby!

On Instagram, the beautiful influencer (now more followers than Michael Wendler) has launched a question and answer session. Asked whether , plans a family with the much older Schlagerbarden, Laura Müller said: “Yes!” The young woman even betrayed an approximate date when it should be so far: “in the next few years.” This is reported by web .com.

So it remains to see if the happiness between Michael Wendler and , Laura lasts so long. If they continue to turtle as before, then definitely!

More about: , was just messing around when , put a one-year-old in a dryer and turned it on. What the Scot still did with the girl is cruel. Extratipp.com * reports on the baby drama.

Update from July 23, 2019: On Tuesday begins the “summer house of the stars” on RTL. With: Michael Wendler (47) and , girlfriend Laura (18). “,'s my dream man all around,” , says. “It was love at first sight, the kick was there immediately,” says ER. Will this media-effective love be completed now? About with a baby? In plain text: Is Laura pregnant? Fans want to have found a clue.

Because Laura, who now chats with rappers, suddenly gets really bad in the “Sommerhaus der Stars”! At night, at half past five, the 18-year-old sneaks into the bathroom, in the preview at TV NOW you hear them break. “That was real … I have not had it for a long time,” , says apologetically. Fans are speculating now: Is the beautiful girlfriend of Michael Wendler about pregnant? For the next morning, too, the young woman's stomach goes crazy. Nausea is common in pregnancy, This begins about the fifth week and ends after the first third of the pregnancy. The wife of roommate Willi Herren (44), Jasmin, addresses this topic quite charmlessly. “Michael is potent,” , blurts out. Later then: “Since the Wendler has put a nice roast in the tube.” In the interview Willi Herren then says: “Of course, the pregnant!” Michael Wender and , Laura deny the Baby Gossip. How it goes on? We are curious!

Michael Wendler: breast enlargement with girlfriend Laura? , reveals, “I have …”

Update from July 11, 2019: Michael Wendler (47) and , petal Laura (18) turtle and turtle. The couple with the stark age difference was the fans this time from a restaurant. Previously, Laura had called , followers, , To send questions, And there was also the question of breast augmentation. Does , – or does not ,?

Has Michael Wendler's girlfriend Laura enlarged , breasts?

© Screenshot Instagram Laura Müller; Thomas Eisenhuth, Daniel Reinhardt (both dpa)

Laura Müller, who has now made a spicy confession about the love game with the Wendler follow Instagram now more than 130,000 people. The 18-year-old has understood how , binds the people – and also answers fan questions regularly. This time again very different topics were discussed. For example, the young woman revealed that , has shoe size 36/37. In addition, it became clear that , eats the most favorite salami pizza. But it also became a bit more intimate. So a follower wants to know quite bluntly: “No hate, but one question: Did you let your breasts do?“The response of the Michael Wendler girlfriend should have surprised one or the other.

Because the pretty young woman admits:No, I'm unoperated and have not done anything to me. I'm quite natural. “Laura's luscious bust was always in the comments a topic, many fans had suspected that the partner of Michael Wendler breasts have been enlarged. But with this speculation is now over! Interesting also: Laura says that , and , dream prince marry someday and want to have children.

Laura asks , fans questions on Instagram.

© Screenshot Instagram Laura Müller

Michael Wendler: Girlfriend Laura and work? This statement of the 18-year-old shocked fans

Update of July 7, 2019: crooner Michael Wendler (47), who brings , young girlfriend on a crass video in great danger, and , girlfriend Laura M. (18) there are now only in a double. The two are playing pizza, chilling by the pool or spinning entwined tightly a lap on the Harley. Clear that so much togetherness does not taste all Michael Wendler fans. A statement by Laura about the world of work should also make some of them quite angry.

Did Laura now turn on the last Wendler fans?

© screenshot Instagram Laura Müller (photomontage)

As bild.de reports, Laura was recently back on Instagram live. There , chatted with , fans and according to the portal also said the following sentences: “I have now completed the twelfth grade in Germany. I'm at a school that has Abi after 13 years. “And shortly thereafter: “You do not always need training to earn money.” Rrrrrrrums! Many people who work for a narrow educational salary could find that overbearing. Does Laura now play with all fans of Michael Wendler? Rather not. Because Laura polarizes: Some like them, others just do not like. And the haters always have such statements in their cards.

Summer house of the stars: Horror, what happens between Benjamin and Kate, as cameras are out!

Michael Wendler: Urgent warning to the hit star in front of Laura: “, messes up every …”

Update from June 30, 2019: If you take a look at the Instagram profiles of Laura M. (18) and Michael Wendler (47), you will hardly be able to keep up with the turtling. The pop singer and , much younger girlfriend caress each other with compliments and give each other pecks wherever possible. But are dark clouds now spreading to the love sky? When it comes to some fans, then yes. Because some of them warn their idol, write: “Laura messes up every …”

The rise of Laura M. to influencerin was steep. In the meantime, following the pretty brown-haired on Instagram, more than 125,000 people. , uses , celebrity to vigorously advertise Michael Wendler's music. And the lovebirds will soon be seen in this year's RTL show “Sommerhaus der Stars”. So runs for Laura – if not all the hater would be therewho want to torpedo their love for Michael Wendler.

As bunte.de reported, formed under a post by Michael Wendler on Instagram a whole Amount of resistance, There, the schlagerbarde announced that , would go live soon – together with Laura. For some fans mega corrosive! According to the report, a fan wrote, “SChön would be without Laura.” Another user is clearer: “If you let Laura out, you can count on me. That's not meant to be bad, but , screwed up every interview / post from youif , opens , mouth. “Rrrrrrums, that sat! The Hate goes even further, a fan pests and calls the girlfriend of Michael Wendler a “real nerve bundle”.

Michael Wendler: Terrible video by friend Laura M. makes fans more than mad

Update from June 12: The many criticism seems to rip off on Michael Wendler and , 18-year-old friend Laura M. Despite many Hate comments in the social networks, the pupil turns out as usual. Now a new video by Laura causes a stir – and what the fans comment there is really blatant.

Fans have only one question: what was Laura thinking?

© Screenshots Instagram (photomontage)

In the short clip runs in the background of the new song by Michael Wendler “One loves more and more”. Laura M. lies in a wide-cut top on the bed and moves , lips to the text. , often shows , typical sultry lips and tears , eyes again and again wide. Under the video , advertises Wendler's single, which can soon be heard on the new album.

Laura M. outraged with a new clip: “Should be ashamed to let , run this way”

In the comments, viewers of the video are more than outraged. Hardly anyone is interested in the song: “Where are your friends, parents, who are holding the true mirror in front of you and telling you that such videos are doing more harm than good”, writes one user. This comment has been posted all 645 times. One user even writes: “Your parents and friends should be ashamed to let them run this way. Even if , is 18 …. ”

Laura M. has not commented on the criticism, , friend Michael Wendler has just commented on a heart. , seems to like what , sees there. Some time ago, a new music video by Michael Wendler caused a stir: There , presented , girlfriend more than revealing. What counts in the end, however, is that the controversial couple is happy. How much the young love endures, will turn out soon in a show at prime time.

Update of May 15, 2019: Ever since the relationship between Michael Wendler and 18-year-old student Laura M. became public, they have been socializing with each other on social networks, sharing their kisses with fans – and they also have to put up with a lot of criticism. The freshly loved, that does not matter. Now Wendler made a blatant confession on Instagram: In one of , most recent Instagram post, , confesses: “The best thing that ever happened to me – after the birth of my daughter.” Of course, the Knutschbacke here means , 28 years younger girlfriend Laura Müller.

Michael Wendler with love letter to Laura – and disfect , ex

Anyone who calculates shortly makes the following conclusion: , has been married to , still-wife Claudia Norberg for nine years. Daughter Adeline, only two years younger than , current girlfriend, was born 16 years ago. Has Laura already overtaken , former flame Claudia? According to Wendler's statement, , love for , is already greater than , was ever for Claudia. Krass!

Apparently it is already marriage is the talk – and that although the Wendler is not even divorced by Claudia Norberg (48).

Another singer is already making wedding plans: Pietro Lombardi. , has now betrayed which woman conquered , heart, as extratipp.com * reported.

Update of May 12, 2019: In these scenes from the new music video by Michael Wendler (46), some fans think: What's up with the pop singer? Wendler brought , 18-year-old friend Laura M. to the camera for the clip. How , presents, reminds the opinion of many users after strong on a dirty movie.

Michael Wendler posts scenes from music video – and reaps harsh criticism

The music video for Michael Wendler's new song “One loves more and more” still does not appear. Screenshots from the clip posted by the 46-year-old on Instagram, but already cause a stir and much criticism. What bothers the fans: The spicy staging around Michael Wendler's girlfriend Laura! In the film , wears a white top, where , breasts are threatening to fall out – and a tight denim shorts, which bares , half ass. In , hand , holds a swab, sensually cleans the motorcycle of the Wendler, while , drags the heavy tires.

“Breasts of the Lolita Bunny” – Wendler and Laura M. get hate for dirty scenes

“The parents of Laura are definitely very proud of the great photos,” writes a user. “Does the mid-life and narcissism crisis really hurt so hard that the breasts of the Lolita Bunny have to be kept permanently in the camera?” , asks another. Another Instagram user finds harsher words: “Porn shoot a la Wendler.” Violent criticism of the pop singer. It was “just cheap” as , represents a student.

However, the Hate of the public does not stand in the way of the young love: Michael Wendler and Laura present themselves further turtelnd and post diligently kiss photos. Even if last, even Anna from “Bauer sucht Frau” harsh criticism practiced as extratipp.com * reported.

Video: Michael Wendler defends sexy video clip with girlfriend

Michael Wendler and Laura: Love in danger – because THIS blonde unpacks?

Update from May 5, 2019: Ohoh, does this message put a strain on the relationship between hit star Michael Wendler (46) and , Laura? The reason: According to media rumors, the ex-Wendler into the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, bild.de reports about it. Many fans fear that the 48-year-old Claudia Norberg could unpack over , still-man there. Is that even the love of Michael Wendler to , Laura in danger?

It is clear that the bard and the 18-year-old turtle, where possible, show over-love. Theirs should be so fast So do not shake love be. Still, it would certainly be interesting to see what Claudia Norberg could tell in the celebrity BB container – if , moves in! The station Sat1 is still covered with information. A spokeswoman said opposite bild.de: “We are pleased that the rumor mill will start again this year. As always, we'll tell the residents of the new season in time. “

Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg were married for nine years.

© Daniel Reinhardt, dpa

Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg have been a couple for almost 30 years. In October of last year, they separated after nine years of marriage. Since then, the election American is with Laura Müller together.

Michael Wendler: , and Laura M. separated – , bursts into tears!

Update of May 3, 2019: Great drama with Michael Wendler and , girlfriend Laura M., by one “Bauer sucht Frau” -Beauty was badly scared? At least that's what it looks like on the photos provided by a passenger bild.de. The 18-year-old and the pop singer are at the airport in Miami – and at the Schoolgirls are crying, The separation shock is obviously deep.

Laura M. and Michael Wender: Separation drama at the airport

Frankfurt from a bird's eye view

© picture alliance / Boris Roessle / Boris Roessler (photomontage)

On April 30, the Wendler went to Mallorca. Of course, friend Laura M. is not allowed to stay alone in America – the school seemed to be no alternative. So the 18-year-old traveled to Mallorca with , boyfriend. But at the airport other guests watched a heartbreaking scene: Laura M. should loud bild.de (behind the payment barrier there are photos to see) repeatedly bursting into tears be, had to be comforted by , friend. As the boarding started, the observers quickly became the reason for that Drama in public clear: Michael Wendler rose for the time being alone on the plane – because , flew business class, while Laura M. traveled in the wood class to Mallorca.

Michael Wendler without Laura M. in Business Class: That's why

Why the Wendler and , Laura M. had to part for the flight, said the 46-year-old opposite image: “Originally, we had booked other flights. I did not want to come to Europe until May 4th and Laura was supposed to fly afterwards. Then I got the call that I should please come to Mallorca three days before. That's why I booked a business class flight from Miami to Mallorca. “Laura did not want to fly alone, why Michael Wendler had booked , on , flight. But there were no business seats left. The separation shock is written on Laura M.'s face.

Update April 28, 2019: Is it a problem with Michael Wendler and , much younger friend Laura M.? In an interview with RTL, the singer has been nagging at the student and hinting at a scenario that could end the relationship. It was mainly about the physical contact with female fans, the Wendler would not give up under any circumstances.

Michael Wendler about Laura: “I really do not feel like it”

“If my job suffers from this relationship, then you have to decide – either you become more relaxed and can handle it or just do not. I would then separate the relationship from the job, “explains Michael Wendler opposite RTL in terms of Laura. , also says: “If , can not stand that my fans are also looking for body contact (…) – then it is better for them to stay at home!” Hard words, which the hit star addressed to the 18-year-old. , is currently traveling with , through America and seems to enjoy life to the fullest – but when it comes to the upcoming tour and the female fans, Laura is obviously not in the first place. The 47-year-old continues to blaspheme: “If female fans give me a peck on the cheek – and I really do not oppose it – then I can well imagine that I have to discuss properly again the evening after. And I really do not feel like it, “says Wendler about , 18-year-old love, who pauses school for ,.

Michael Wendler and Laura M .: Love out for jealousy?

Does the love for this bullying attack stand in the way of Laura's jealousy? On Instagram, Michael Wendler makes it clear: “We are and we will stay a couple !!!” Since the first mini-crisis seems to be overcome already. Laura and Michael Wendler are currently torturing together in New York.

Update April 22, 2019: Michael Wendler has made , way to Universal Studios in Florida with , girlfriend Laura M. Together, the couple in love strolled through the world of film and book series Harry Potter, the 18-year-old held everything in a ten-minute clip. But in the video of the trip, hardly any one pays attention to the film scenes: With their mega short jeans shorts Laura M. draws everyone's attention. “Nice that you can see the half-sticks hanging out,” writes a user. Another says, “You can dress sexy, but you just look cheap.”

The 18-year-old wears a hotpants in the videos and on the photos in which almost , buttocks fall out, In addition a white top, which also gives deep insights on the side. Was this all wanted? Certainly. After all, since the beginning of the relationship with Michael Wendler, Laura M. keeps making headlines by showing off , breasts on Instagram. The Wendler seems to like that – and that's probably the main thing for the student.

© Screenshots Instagram

Update April 17, 2019: That Michael Wendler and , girlfriend Laura M. love to show their love publicly is no secret. Time and again, the couple posts with 28 years of age difference intimate images and put their controversial relationship publicly to the show. But with their current post on Laura's Instagram profile, they are now surpassing themselves. The picture shows Wendler and , Laura doing “dry exercises”.

The 18-year-old is leaning , arms against a stack of tires, while the Wendler is extremely tight behind ,, so that both touch in the genital area. A clearly ambiguous pose, which Laura also dubbed with the telling sentence “The power of love”. For many viewers, the pose is reminiscent of one Position in lovemakingin which the man is behind the woman. The comments are unequivocal: “If you would not always make cheap P * rno pair, you might take people more seriously,” writes user “Nidda85”. Corina says, “It's getting more and more embarrassing.”

Michael Wendler: Girlfriend Laura M. in the See-Through-Top – All transparent

Update Feb 25, 2019: A recent photo of Michael Wendler's new girlfriend Laura M. lets thousands of fans of the glamorous couple look very closely: Laura M. presented in a white, transparent mesh top and has apparently nothing under it.But does the 18-year-old really show up here without it? At least, the post office, which has already received more than 4,000 likes on Monday afternoon, actually looks like this. Whether the 18-year-old wearing nothing under , net top, is not really obvious. Provocative is at least the title of the new photo of Laura M .: “Love me hot cowboy,” writes the 18-year-old. Michael Wendler will not ask twice …

Update February 11: Michael Wendler recently released the first pair of couples pics with , new 18-year-old girlfriend. Now the student from Saxony-Anhalt is already giving professional interviews about the fresh love and chatting about , dream man. The fans can hear a detail, because the Wendler girlfriend reveals the intimate bedding habits of the hit star.

Michael Wendler-friend: “It's magic in the room”

The 46-year-old Michael Wendler (Michael Wendler: girlfriend shows plump bosom and has a clear message) is indeed the first friend of 18-year-olds, but the student already dreams of the big wedding. “It's special and unique, I've never felt it before. I'm really in love with ,, “, reveals in the interview vox, “, makes me feel special.” The 18-year-old Wendler girlfriend smiles happily at these words.

Michael Wendler and , 18-year-old friend Laura Müller recently published the first joint photos.

© Screenshot Instagram laauramueller

And although the two have only been a couple for a few months, the student is already planning , future with the hit star. During the winter holidays , first flew to Miami for a few weeks to , great love, soon it could get longer. Because , is considering to move to the US completely, so vip.de, Because Laura Müller and Michael Wendler are totally in love. “It's magic in the room,” the Lovebirds call it. And then the hammer: The 18-year-old reports intimate bed stories with , 46-year-old lover.

Video: Cuddling and wedding are announced

Laura Müller reveals intimate bed stories

“When we cuddle up in the evening, , always says I'm a stove because I'm so hot,” , says mischievously in the interview. “But I'm basically freezing. , can only stand it for a short time that I want to cuddle and warm me. Because , is so warm himself. “Nevertheless, the two cuddle insanely happy, the 18-year-olds is still important.

Soon you will probably see the two more often together. For the lovebirds is a joint appearance in the Vox show “Goodbye Germany”. From March, Michael Wendler and , Laura Müller will be together in front of the camera.

Michael Wendler-Schock: Girlfriend Laura posts hot private pictures

Miami – Pop star Michael Wendler (46) is less known for , music than for , numerous television appearances at the jungle camp or celebrity big brother. Now , is causing a stir with , new girlfriend, Laura Müller (18). Because the published now hot photos on , Instagram profile. Michael Wendler has posted the first photo with , new friend Laura on Instagram.

Michael Wendler: Girlfriend Laura Müller visiting Miami

Michael Wendler is back in a relationship, but , separation is not that long ago. Just three months ago, the singer split up from , wife Claudia Norberg (48). The two had met as young people and gave each other in 2009 the yes-word. Total was the couple together for 30 years, Then the shock! Im Oktober 2018 gab Michael Wendler das Liebes-Aus bekannt (Liebes-Aus von Helene Fischer und Florian Silbereisen: Ex-GNTM-Kandidatin hat üblen Verdacht).

Michael Wendler und Claudia Norberg noch gemeinsam bei der Verleihung des LEA Live Entertainment Award 2014 in Frankfurt.

© picture alliance/dpa / Daniel Reinhardt

Vor allem von der Trennung betroffen, dürfte auch Wendlers Tochter, Adeline (16), sein. Denn wie der Schlagerstar gegenüber Bild.de erklärte, bleibe seine Tochter bei ihm in Miami. Dort habe Adeline „einen Freundeskreis aufgebaut“, so der Schlagerstar. Allerdings ohne ihre Mutter. Denn Claudia Norberg dagegen, werde zurück nach Deutschland ziehen. 2015 war die Familie Wendler nach Miami, in Florida gezogen. Jetzt besuchte Michael Wendler in Miami seine 18-jährige Laura Müller,

Michael Wendler: Laura Müller so alt wie seine Tochter

Die Schülerin aus Sachsen-Anhalt verbrachte ihre Winterferien nicht mit Familie und Freunden im heimischen Stendal, sondern mit ihrem Liebhaber, Michael Wendler, in den USA, Dabei könnte Laura Müller genauso gut Wendlers Tochter sein. Die Flamme des Schlagerstars und seine Tochter trennen nämlich nur zwei Jahre, In den vergangenen Wochen musste sich Michael Wendler somit um zwei Teenagerinnen kümmern. Wie seine Tochter den Besuch der 18-Jährigen fand, kann man nur vermuten. Auf ihrem Instagram-Profil veröffentlichte Adeline jedenfalls einen vielsagenden Post.

Die 16-Jährige schrieb unter ihr Bild: „Some people come into our life as a blessing, while others come into our life as a lesson, so love them for who they are instead of judging them for who they are not.“, (“Manche Menschen kommen als Segen in unser Leben, andere als eine Lehre. Also liebe sie für was sie sind, anstatt dafür zu verurteilen, was sie nicht sind.“). Ob Michael Wendlers Tochter damit wohl Laura Müller gemeint hat? Die 18-Jährigen verbrachte trotzdem eine tolle Zeit in Miami und zeigte das in heißen Fotos.

Michael Wendler: Heiße Fotos von Freundin Laura Müller

Auf diesen Besuch hatte sich Michael Wendler sicher gefreut. Seine Freundin Laura Müller war endlich bei ihm in Miami angekommen, In ihrem gemeinsamen Urlaub störte sich das Paar nicht an fragenden Blicken oder entsetzten Fans. Ganz im Gegenteil:Der Sänger genoss die Zeit mit seiner Laura Müller in vollsten Zügen. Und auch der 18-Jährigen schien, ihr Urlaub in Florida zu gefallen (Dancing on Ice-Moderatorin Marlene: Nippel-Blitzer im engen Badeanzug).

Händchen haltend liefen Michael Wendler und die 18-Jährige durch die Straßen Miamis, machten Ausflüge auf Wendlers Motorboot und verbrachten Zeit am Strand. Von dort postete Laura Müller nun auch das Bild, was Fans auf eine frühzeitige Verlobung hoffen lässt.

Michael Wendler: Verlobung mit Freundin Laura Müller?

Darauf ist die 18-Jährige bei bestem Wetter am Miami Beach zu sehen. Im Schwarzen Strandkleid und mit Sonnenbrille lacht die Schülerin in die Kamera. Dabei hält sie die Hand von Michael Wendler. Außer seiner Hand ist von dem Sänger aber nichts zu sehen. Denn der 46-Jährige stand hinter der Kamera und wollte ein bestimmtes Schmuckstück seiner Liebsten besonders in Szene setzen.

An dem Ringfinger von Laura Müller ist nämlich ein Ring zu erkennen. Hat ihr der Wendler einen Antrag gemacht? Dazu bezog bislang keiner der beiden Stellung. Die 18-Jährige schrieb unter das Bild nur: „Lovely Weekend“, (“Wunderschönes Wochenende“). Dabei erklärte Michael Wendler erst vor Kurzem, dass „nicht einmal wir beide wissen, wie sich das alles weiterentwickelt.“ Die Spekulationen um das noch junge Liebesglück werden indes weitergehen.

Brandheiße News auf extratipp.com*

Tinder-Date eskaliert komplett – junge Frau fürs Leben gezeichnet!

Bauarbeiter am Hustlen – plötzlich fliegt Verderben vom Himmel

Sophia Vegas schockt mit dieser Baby-Aussage! Macht sie es wirklich?

„Aktenzeichen XY“ in Kassel: Hat dieser Mann behinderte Tochter missbraucht?

Offenbach: Wenn Sie diesen Mann sehen – sofort Notruf!

Instagram-Model passiert peinlicher Photoshop-Fail. Sehen Sie es auch?

Sarah Pilz

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