Man of Medan – Yes, Yes, Captain – Trophies / Achievements Guide (Fliss arrogant trait)

Man of Medan - Yes, Yes, Captain - Trophies / Achievements Guide (Fliss arrogant trait)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – Yes, Yes Captain Trophy / Achievement Guide – Fliss's Unlocked Arrogant Dash (Bronze)

Chapter: Pressure

First, Fliss and Brad must recognize each other at the end of "Chapter: Ritual" and hang out together. To do this:

– Brad remained undetected on the boat during "Chapter: Intrusion" and "Chapter: Storm" (where pirates invade , boat at night) – results in Brad waking up later and causing the chapter "Finding Friends" to be triggered. During "Chapter: Finding Friends", Brad finds the gas mask in the locker room. Brad automatically enters this locker room and sees corpses inside the lockers. Then investigate the same cabinet twice in a row for a gas mask – Brad will not be affected by the chemical Mansurian Gold and , will not attack Fliss. Also, don't get the wrench in the last section of "Find Friends" so Brad can't attack Fliss with , (, can do that if , doesn't have the gas mask and see Fliss like a demon)

Fliss went backstage in Chapter: Ritual, pulling the lever in the side room, then through the door behind the stage to get some fresh air. This clears the head of the Mansurian Gold mist and when , returns, the hall hallucination will disappear and , will see the ship these days again. When Brad arrives, , will not see , as a hooded demon, but will see , as Brad (because , had fresh air, the effects of the chemical Mansurian Gold were reduced).

– After the "Ritual" timer runs out, Brad arrives. Fliss and Brad will recognize each other (not seeing each other as demons) and will proceed together for "Chapter: Pressure." If they see themselves as demons, you will have a different chapter and lose it!

Now the actual dialogue that triggers the feature and the trophy. In the "Chapter: Pressure":

– In "Chapter: Pressure", you reach a point where Fliss & Brad need to rise. Then investigate the broken staircase in the next room, go back to where you climbed and press: x: to start a dialogue. Fliss will be talking to Brad, keep telling Brad to go through the hole by choosing the following dialogs:
CONCERNED "Will you" Brad ▼
FRIEND "I'm not doing this" Brad ▼
EXPETENT "Go for it" Brad ▼
Fliss Trait Unlocked: Arrogant – This unlocks the trophy
Observation: There are several ways to unlock each of the feature trophies. If you have problems with any of them, they will likely come naturally during one of your many moves and there are more opportunities for each feature in co-op because of more dialogue options.

Man of Medan Trophy Guide and Map:


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All Medan Man Trophies and Achievements:

Total Shocker!
Collect all trophies

For a dollar , told me , secrets
Found 25 Secrets!

Learning to work together
Ended shared story

Like that movie with the ship
Movie night over

Karate master
Hit the training dummy

As long as you are fast
Completed 10 QTEs in succession

Break them during the thunder
, opened the window quietly.

Big man on campus
Aggressive Trait of Alex Unlocked

Aye Aye Captain
Arrogant Flit Dash Unlocked

Thing brother, you know
Envious Dash of Unlocked Brad

Remember who is signing the checks
Julia's Destroyed Dash Unlocked

If you are selling, I am buying
Conrad's Moist Dash Unlocked

Go with your gut
Chose all decisions of the Heart

Consider all permutations
Chose all decisions from the head

Yes! Yes, I will marry you!
Julia accepted Alex's proposal

One liter of cold amber liquid
Conrad successfully flirted with Fliss

Can't reach it with this old junker
Conrad successfully escaped in the speedboat

The name of this ship
Name of ship revealed

Everything has changed in me
Calm down Junior

Many deaths that night
Found all black framed photos

Possible futures
Found all white framed photos

Going alone
Completed Solo Story

Girl's night
Only women survived!

There with you boys
Only men survived!

Maxed Alex and Julia's Relationship

Do you have a better way?
Maxed Conrad and Fliss's relationship

Average bro
Maxed Brad and Alex & # 39; s Relationship

Secrets! Lies! Plots, man!
Found all the secrets!

Ghost ships are just a myth, right?
Found all images

Not a single survivor
No one survived!

This is something, I suppose
Everyone survived!

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