Lena Gercke: Intimate moment with friend Dustin – fans gawk on size

Lena Gercke with friend Dustin in bed - fans marvel at the size

Lena Gercke is lying in bed with , boyfriend Dustin – the fans are amazed at the size!

Update September 5th: Lena Gercke (31) cuddles in love with , boyfriend. Your partner Dustin presents , well-toned body. Since April, the model has been involved with the commercial film director. Many fans seeing the picture on Instagram marvel at the size – but not what you think again …

We are talking about Lena Gercke's feet! The beautiful model writes “Back to work – but missing this” under the couple photo. But many users only talk about the feet of the 1.79-meter woman. These should look supernaturally big on the black and white pic! “God, what shoe size do you have? Or is that just an optical illusion? “Asks a user on Instagram. “Size 52,” speculates another commentator. A follower goes even further and sees Lena Gercke's feet as a warning signal: “One might think that these are the feet of a person who suffers from hunger. It's sad, I think. “In other lines, one is again worried that Lena could leave smudges with , feet on the wall.

Lena Gercke – by the way Shoe size 42 has – it will not matter. , in love smile says it all.

Lena-Gercke-Hammer: GNTM winner wears See-Through – you can see everything

Update July 21, 2019: It was so revealing that GNTM winner Lena Gercke (born in Marburg) was rarely seen: The top model is very attractive on Instagram (2.3 million followers). A fan even thinks you can see “everything”. But, is this really the truth?

The 31-year-old provides with one black body for a stir: Lena Gercke is sitting low in , crouched hands, posing for a gun GNTM face in cowboy boots for the camera of star photographer Lina Tesch. The black body in see-through look (transparent) allows deep views of the Instagram fans: you can actually see the naked bust of the top model! After a day on Instagram, Lena Gercke already collected the snapshot 96,000 likesNo wonder, if you show yourself so freely without a bra.

Update July 16, 2019: Lena Gercke is a huge role model for , fans. Despite , victory in the first season of “Germany's Next Top Model” (GNTM), the Marburger has remained on the ground and always comes across in a good-humored and friendly manner. But even in the life of a Lena Gercke, not everything is as perfect as it looks on Instagram or on the big catwalks. In an interview, the 31-year-old has now talked about a dark period in , past – which , accompanies until today.

Lena Gercke tells from the past: “drastic experience”

On 3 February 2017 Lena Gercke's father Uwe died after a short but serious illness. For the model hard to cope with, since , dad was just 61 years old. in the Interview with picture on sunday says the 31-year-old: “It was a dramatic experience for me.” The presenter recalls: “, was the first person I lost in my life. And then the father. That was tough. ”

Hammer by Lena Gercke! The GNTM winner shows a photo that shows you just about everything.

© picture alliance / Jens Kalaene / dpa central image / dpa (photomontage)

However, the sad confession of the GNTM model goes even further: “This mourning remains in one for a lifetime.” However, one learns to deal with the pain and to accept that some things change in life and do not come back. From , father Uwe Lena Gercke got a lot on the way, so the 31-year-old. “, always said to me, 'Lena, no matter what you do, you have to know where you're from.' , was a very down to earth, familiar and authentic person, and that's part of my genes as well.”

Update 25.02.2019: GNTM winner Lena Gercke almost slips , nipples out of , bathing suit! On , latest Instagram post, the blonde shows almost too much. With the title “Ronja” Lena Gercke inspires , 2.1 million followers. What does the ex of national player Samy Khedira want to achieve? Probably a lot of attention. Lena Gercke has already harvested almost 70,000 Likes with the almost nipple gate on Instagram – tendency on Monday afternoon rising sharply.

Lena Gercke or Lena Meyer-Landrut – what do you think about that?

Original message: Marburg – Lena Gercke shows , booty on Instagram – but the fans are surprised. In turn: since Marburg Lena Gercke (30) 2006, the casting show “Germany's Next Top Model” (GNTM) won with chief juror Heidi Klum (45), has changed the life of Hessin abruptly: In addition to large advertising contracts Lena Gercke landed on the covers of international fashion magazines, ran on the most sought-after catwalks in the world. For three years, , hosted “Austria's Next Top Model” by 2012, even sat on RTL's “Das Supertalent” jury alongside Dieter Bohlen, Bruce Darnell and fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer. In October 2018, a colleague of Lena, Fiona Erdmann, made headlines with , emigration.

Lena Gercke: GNTM winner is looking for the love in vain

Private, however, it was anything but good for the high school graduate. Again and again Lena Gercke made headlines with separations. In 2009, the GNTM winner separated from jungle camp participant Jay Khan. In 2011, Lena seemed to have found love when , relationship with international Sami Khedira became public. Four years later, this relationship had failed. In 2016, Lena Gercke fell in love with Kilian Müller-Wohlfahrt, who worked for FC Bayern Munich. 2018 followed the separation between Lena and Kilian. Since then, the GNTM model has been searching in vain for the great love.

In 2016, Lena Gercke fell in love with Kilian Müller-Wohlfahrt, who worked for FC Bayern Munich.

© picture alliance / Felix Hörhage / Felix Hörhager

The moderator's fan base is growing daily: on Instagram, Lena Gercke now has a proud 1.9 million followers. In , more than 2000 contributions, the blonde shows from all sides: Whether in jogging pants, T-shirt or bikini: Lena Gercke knows how , keeps , followers in the social media happy.

Lena Gercke proudly shows , booty – but fans are wondering about one thing

On Friday (5.10.) The 30-year-old posted a particularly revealing Snapshot on , Instagram account, Lena Gercke shows , booty (Po) in yellow swimsuit. The model sends sunny holiday greetings from Indonesia and seems to enjoy the time in a luxury spa. For , Booty photo, the GNTM winner writes: “Ronja is back” What does Lena Gercke mean by that? Some fans are wondering and wondering what this is all about.

Follower Veit Gross puzzles: “Who is Ronja?” And other fans are not immediately behind what Lena means with Ronja. But those who take a closer look at the Booty photo can quickly solve the mystery on Instagram: Lena Gercke has curls, just like fairy tale character Ronja Räubertochter. The Follwer actually know the Hesse with straight hair. Lena has already collected more than 16,000 likes for , booty photo in the “Ronja” style. Hard to believe that Thousands of fans are not finally Mr.Right for Lena Gercke here. At the beginning of August Lena Gercke was completely shellless, but the fans only had one question about , photo. Also lightly dressed, the followers marvel at a GZSZ star, who only shows himself in a bikini with a plump neckline

Also interesting: Lena Gercke shows hot photo – Fan: “Not all women liked, as extratipp.com * reports.

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