Helene Fischer: Secret revealed! This beautiful singer supports , at the concert

Helene Fischer: Secret revealed! This beautiful singer supports her at the concert

Helene Fischer finally gets close to , fans for a concert. Now an important secret has been revealed: This beautiful Austrian supports the Schlager-Queen.

Update of September 10, 2019: Before a “new Helene Fischer” of the real runs out of rank, the Beat Queen goes back to the start itself. For a long time, the “breathless” singer had become quiet. On Instagram, Helene Fischer explains why , has not spoken for a long time. Frankly, , writes: “I am currently using this phase of being offline to focus on my family and friends and to recover from everything that has happened in the last two years and to recharge my batteries for New!”

Helene Fischer: ticket sale for concert 2020

The fans of the hit icon can look forward to a new concert in the coming year. For now it is known where the so far only confirmed concert 2020 by Helene Fischer is to take place: in the Austrian town of Bad Hofgastein. Here is the blonde on April 4, 2020 officially end the winter sports season. As a headliner , appears at the festival series “Sound & Snow Gastein”. If you want to be part of the only Helene Fischer Concert 2020 to date, you have to be quick, because on September 11, at 9 o'clock, the online ticket sales will start.

Helene Fischer: This beautiful singer supports , at the concert

The native Russian woman is supported by a beautiful singer, who has recently been happily acted as the “new Helene Fischer”: the 29-year-old Melissa Naschenweng. , has recently been announced as Special Guest at Helene Fischer's show in Bad Hofgastein.

Overjoyed, the pop singer poses in front of the huge Helene poster. In keeping with the announced winter sports event, Melissa Naschenweng keeps a ski written on the “Gastein” in the picture , posted on Instagram. The singer writes about the photo: “Never before have I been so happy to read my name on a poster as on this one!” At the concert in Austria in April there will be a direct comparison: The real Helene fish next to the ” new “.

Update from 18 August 2019: In , songs, Melissa Naschenweng (29) likes to sing about the Alpine idyll. There is talk of mountain farmers, green meadows, mountain streams and tractors. Nevertheless, the “new Helene Fischer” likes to spend , summer vacation on the beach – who wants to blame ,? In Instagram, the beautiful pop star has recently uploaded a picture and thus really put the fans in ecstasy. We see Melissa Naschenweng in the hot XXS bikini!

The photo that the blonde had uploaded to Instagram has been created after a hashtag in Italy. Melissa Naschenweng with cool sunglasses, in the background beach, umbrellas, in , hand an ice-cold drink. But for the fans everything is not as important as , outfit. The Austrian wears a skin-tight bikini in the colors red and black. The excerpt – uiuiui – is really gaaaaanz deep, Against the direct sun, the “new Helene Fischer” has a slight top over it. Wow factor high one hundred!

See also the fans of Melissa Naschenweng so. They celebrate their star (“I like mountain farmers”) and compliment the Schlagerqueen with compliments. “My Pretty”, “Great Picture” and “Fesch” are just some of the almost 200 comments, Thanks to , Instagram story, we also know that the “new Helene Fischer” has meanwhile returned to Austria. Hopefully Melissa Naschenweng could recover well!

Matching: The 29-year-old Sonia Liebing conquers the hit world. , does not only enchant , fans with , music. A sexy bikini image causes a stir among , followers. Is , the new Helene Fischer?

Helene Fischer Hammer! Schlager-Star gets ZDF show!

Update of 3 August 2019: This news is likely to delight Helene Fischer fans! The 34-year-old gets , own show on ZDF. What's it all about? After Helene Fischer's last tour, it has become a bit quieter around the Schlager star. The beautiful singer needed a break after the tour stress, played smaller concerts, such as at corporate events. But now the ZDF ensures that Helene Fischer fans can experience the best tour moments of the native Russian again – with a own show!

Helene Fischer gets , own show on ZDF.

© Arno Burgi, Jens Kalaene (both dpa, photomontage)

“Helene Fischer – Do you feel it?” – the exclusive concert event in the second, with these words, the station announces the show, which will show the highlights of the tour stop in the Hamburg Volksparkstadion. The broadcast is broadcast on Saturday, August 24, 2019, at 8.15 pm on ZDF, In the Press release of the sender It says: “The spectators can look forward to a great summer party in which Helene Fischer stands together with shooting star Ben Zucker, among others, on stage.”

According to the announcement, the Helene Fischer show is a concert film. Well possible that the fans also get to see backstage material. Directed by Paul Dugdale, who has been nominated several times for a Grammy. In the ZDF message also Helene Fischer has its say. The beautiful 34-year-old says: “The twelve most beautiful stadiums in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were our home last summer. We rocked, danced, sang and the Evenings made for our summer event, Together with and through you, I was allowed to share joy, tears, emotions and pure happiness and celebrate the fattest party with you. Now we can feel it all together again. Enjoy this evening and celebrate another great summer party – viva la vida! “

Helene Fischer: Schlager-Queen announces “farewell” from the stage – video popped up

Update from July 11, 2019: It has become a little quieter around hit star Helene Fischer (34). The beautiful singer separated in the winter from Florian Silbereisen (37), took a musical break. In an interview, the native Russian said that , needed time to listen to herself. There is an appearance like recently in Wörth (Rhineland-Palatinate) balm for the languishing fan-soul. There Helene Fischer played in front of about 10,000 people – but that was at the private company party of a major car manufacturer. There, the 34-year-old said good-bye on stage – now videos have surfaced on the net.

Helene Fischer says goodbye on stage – videos surfaced on the net

© picture alliance / dpa (photomontage)

One of those present apparently had a heart for the many Helene Fischer fans who could not watch the concert. So the man snapped and filmed diligently and uploaded the 27 files on , Facebook account. “, is just awesome!”, comments a user. Another woman writes: “Class, Lenchen!”

As a result, the hit queen turned to the many fans at the end of , performance, saying, “When I sing, my heart goes up.” , then praised the audience for having joined in the celebrations. Then the hearts of those present would suddenly have slipped into their pants. Because Helene Fischer said goodbye to the audience with a “farewell”. Was that about? Final stroke under a great career? No, Don `t worry. The singer swayed quickly: “I'll come back, do not worry. I have just withdrawn a bit because I want to be creative. Who knows when there will be something new from me. But you will be the first to hear it. “A definitive farewell definitely sounds different.

“New Helene Fischer” Melissa Naschenweng: Hot snapshot in a bikini

Update from June 29, 2019: , has not yet reached 100 percent in the big hit world, but for , fans , is already the biggest: Melissa Naschenweng (28). The beautiful Austrian, who is often seen as the successor to Megastar Helene Fischer (34), now posted a hot snapshot in a tight bikini.

Melissa Naschenweng began to make music at the age of six. Talent scouts quickly became aware of the pretty Austrian, , won competitions and , first TV appearances followed. In 2017, the “New Helene Fischer” , first album. “Kunterbunt” became a huge success in , home country and climbed to third place in the charts. Accordingly, fans and experts were curious about the successor “Wirbelwind”. , appeared two years later and delivered what , promised. Melissa Naschenweng took first place in Austria, fourth place in Switzerland. After all, it was 61st in Germany. Meanwhile, the Helene Fischer successor here, too faithful fanbase built up.

© Bodo Schackow, dpa / Instagram Screenhsot Melissa Naschenweng (photomontage)

, was now watching as Melissa Naschenweng released , latest Instagram picture. To see there: The beautiful singer – dressed only in a hot bikini! The 28-year-old wrote: “40 degrees – and you?” The hashtag # brennhaß, Austrian for burning hot. Many fans, however, rather found the sight of the “new Helene Fischer” burning hot. A user wrote: “Wow, what a view!” In addition, it hailed compliments, such as “fesch”, “beautiful” and “sweet”.

New Helene Fischer Melissa Naschenweng is Artist of the Year – Helene is looking blank

Update 11.04.: The next setback for Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer: Competitor Melissa Naschenweng is now officially the Artist of the Year in Austria and South Tyrol! For the 27-year-old blonde has now been awarded the coveted award.

HElene Fischer got no award and goes blank. Is Melissa Naschenweng more and more running out of the German pop artist? It looks like that. In any case, Facebook got Melissa Naschenweng hundreds of congratulations. The hit newcomer literally: “have such a crazy FREID! Pray God to ALL who have been standing behind me for so long, believing in me and walking the path with me. “At the end of the Facebook post, there is even another Message to , hater: “Also a little! Thanks! to those who wanted to stand in my way. “Who does Melissa Naschenweng mean?

Update 5.04.: Helene Fischer is just taking a break from the Schlager circus – this break uses the Austrian Schlager jewel Melissa Naschenweng, The 27-year-old not only conquers the hit charts, but also more and more the hearts of the music fans. Your appointment book is full, appearance joins appearance. Alone in April, Melissa Naschenweng hunts from appointment to appointment while the Schlager fans of Helene Fischer, now Capital Bra a blatant dissipation has not heard anything.

© picture alliance / dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd (photomontage)

The 27-year-old has to complete 16 stage shows or appearances. On Saturday (6.04.) Melissa Naschenweng plays in the Feststadl Dorfstetten. A glimpse into , mood on the show acts of the Austrian shows a look at , Instagram account: Melissa Naschenweng keeps posting videos there. Especially the outfits bring the audience to sweat! Melissa Naschenweng is not stingy with charms. Proof? Your photos that fans can view on the official homepage. There, Melissa Naschenweng shows skin-tight Hotpants and Overknees – Even Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer might get hot …

Melissa Naschenweng in Hot Pants and Overknees.

© bePo – Berni Poelzl

Update 30.03 .: The newcomer on the hit cosmos Melissa Naschenweng (27) is currently conquering not only the charts but also the hearts of , fans. On Instagram, the Sawyer already has more than 42,000 subscribers, the video for , new hit “I stand on Bergbauernbuam” have seen more than three million people on Youtube. Most recently, the 27-year-old shared a photo on , Instagram account, showing , sitting on a sled in the snow. In , hand , holds an accordion, the pretty Austrian woman smiles into the camera. The fans like that, which is also visible in the comments. There, the pop singer gets compliments for , new song as well as for , looks. One comment is particularly striking: “Austria's answer to Helene Fischer“Writes a user and it depends:” class woman. “While it has become suspiciously quiet around Helene Fischer lately, Melissa Naschenweng is in the fast lane. In Austria, , album was in first place for weeks, with the time came more and more supporters from Germany.

Whether the beautiful pop singer at some point celebrates such a great success as the Schlager queen Helene Fischer, is in the stars. One thing is clear: , is motivated. The stages may be even smaller, but Melissa Naschenwang certainly has the talent to become one size in German and Austrian hits.

Update 11.03.: Helene Fischer is considered the German queen of the hit song. Now the 34-year-old friend of dancer Thomas Seitel gets young competition, because: The 27-year-old hit singer Melissa Naschenweng conquers the charts. The new shooting star from Austria is already making show greats like Andreas Gabalier or DJ Ötzi look old: Melissa Naschenweng was on top of the album charts in Austria with “Wirbelwind” – and proudly for three weeks in a row. The 27-year-old from Carinthia is a Rampensau, says about himself: “This is such an indescribable goose bumps. I know how hard the road was and how good it is when the hard work is rewarded. It's so indescribably cool. “

At the age of six, Melissa Naschenweng played the Styrian harmonica. On a trip of , father in Shanghai, the pop singer came along, had to play two weeks at an Oktoberfest. The 27-year-old says to mdr.de: “I'm sure that if I had not been to Shanghai, I would never have become a musician.” Afterwards, Melissa Naschenweng dropped out of law school and played one performance after another. With , current album “Wirbelwind” , made it to number one on the Austrian album charts. As the gardener looks good as well, the fans already see Melissa as the new Helene Fischer. Already Melissa Naschenweng has 180 appearances a year. Although the stages are not as big and spectacular as with Helene Fischer, but also the Schlager-Queen has started small.

Original message

Munich – Helene Fischer (34) is the German hit star par excellence. , Musically breaks all records and their millions of fans love them for their spectacular stage shows. With , live performances Helene Fischer fills one hall after the other and ends up with , albums again and again at the top of the German charts. According to “vermögenmagazin.de” the blonde has a fortune of approximately 35 million euros. In 2018, , is said to have earned ten million euros.

Helene Fischer has Russian roots

The beautiful blonde was considered in the Soviet Union Daughter of a Russian-German couple born. The grandparents of Helene Fischer were Black Sea Germans, who were deported to Siberia in 1941 during the Second World War. (“The Helene Fischer Show” on ZDF in 2018: These are , guests at Christmas) In 1988 Helene Fischer moved with , parents and sister from the Soviet Union to Wöllstein in Rhineland-Palatinate,

Mega outfit: Helene Fischer loves eye-catching stage outfits.

© picture alliance / Felix Hörhage / Felix Hörhager

Helene hit the musical path early in Germany. What many do not know: Helene Fischer is a state-recognized musical actress. , completed , three-year training at the Frankfurt Stage & Musical School in Frankfurt am Main.

Helene Fischer is a sports cannon

Helene Fischer has a great figure. The well-trained body of the 1.58-meter singer know , fans of their stage shows. The hit star appears in dazzling and often tight outfits.

The German Vogue editor-in-chief Christiane Arp (57) told Helene Fischer that , Kostüme for them are “like armor”, According to their own statements Helene Fischer drives Sports every other day, (Helene Fischer shows herself in lingerie – but fans stare at armpits) After all, the Schlager Queen has to stay fit for , mega shows. But has Helene exaggerated , workout? A new photo by Helene Fischer shocks , fans.

Helene Fischer is photographed by star photographer Peter Lindbergh

A double honor for Helene Fischer: First, the hit star has the great honor that Cover of the January issuethe German Vogue on the other hand, , is for no less than star photographer Peter Lindbergh (74) photographed.

Peter Lindbergh is an icon in the world of photography.

© picture alliance / Federico Gamb / Federico Gambarini

The German is one of the be
most respected photographers in the world and usually has international superstars like Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga, Kate Winslet, Tina Turner, Kate Moss and many more in front of the lens. Peter Lindbergh is known for having women with the most natural and simplest means to stage. Now Helene Fischer had the honor – the January issue will be released on December 4th. Helene Fischer and Vogue Editor-in-Chief Christiane Arp are very happy with the result (see video), but theirs Fans are now very worried after the release of the picture to , Helene.

Helene Fischer's fans are shocked

Helene Fischer posted the title page of , cover before the publication of the January issue (4 December). , is very proud of it and writes: “C'mon VOGUE. With great gratitude, I look back on the unforgettable shoot for the @voguegermany. @therealpeterlindbergh, an honor to be photographed by you. (Sophia Thomalla escalates because of Helene Fischer) Thank you very much for this poetic, honest and magical day with you! “The picture also got more than 23,000 likes on Facebook and Instagram within 12 hours. But some fans find that Helene Fischer looks emaciated and worried about , idol. An Instagram user writes: “I'm really worried. Please Helene, be slim is OK, but now, it seems, at least in the photo, it's too much. “Many more join in this sorrowful commentary.

Vogue cover: Helene Fischer loves the picture.

© picture alliance / dpa / Peter Lindbergh

In the photo, Helene's ribs are clearly visible in the chest area and , tendons can also be recognized in the neck area. “Unfortunately, not a nice picture, looks totally starved,” writes a fan. Another also speaks up with “terribly thin and much older”. Helene Fischer's fans now hope that their hit queen will soon be back to , best and old form.

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