GZSZ fans can not believe it: Will Leon not come back?

GZSZ fans can not believe it: Will Leon not come back?

GZSZ fans can not believe it: Will Leon not come back?

Update from October 9: Head over heels Leon Moreno left the country in the GZSZ series. The flight to the US Leon joined to stand by , son Vince. But what began as a spontaneous action seemed to be in the dream of emigration. Last time, GZSZ fans saw Leon Moreno in the series that will be playing in Berlin in February.

In August, finally, the relief for the fan following followed: Actor Daniel Fehlow, who plays the role of Leon, announced , return on rtl.de: “Yes, every break, every break has an end – even for me back at GZSZ “. The excursion to the United States of , character was just fitting for Daniel Fehlow. The 43-year-old took a break from GZSZ to take care of , family in real life. , partner Jessica Ginkel (39) had given birth to their second child together. The time afterwards, the actor wanted to experience parental leave.

GZSZ fans miss Leon: Speaker makes clear statement

But then GZSZ fans can not believe what Leon Moreno said in an episode in October in the series: “I'm not coming back, I'm staying in the US”. Buddy John, played by Felix von Jascheroff, was already looking forward to Leon's return home. The audience also seems to miss Leon painfully, as can be read on social media: “I'm looking forward to seeing you again.” In addition, a fan writes: “Leon just belongs to GZSZ as the Joachim Gerner, who are already there, would miss those who would go.”

Now RTL gives the all-clear and confirms the return of Leon Moreno officially. “Do not worry, Daniel Fehlow will, of course, be back at GZSZ as announced,” announces spokesman Frank Pickrtl.de With. How the other protagonists will react to the return of Leon, the speaker does not yet reveal. But Frank Pick can promise one thing: there will be a story full of emotions about Daniel Fehlow's role and also a big surprise in the GZSZ series.

GZSZ-Hammer: fan favorite returns!

Update from October 2nd: After the drama about the newly-born father Felix van Deventer, there is finally good news for all , fans: The actor is back on the set of GZSZ. Because of , accident on August 30, the spectator darling had to briefly interrupt the shooting. Felix van Deventer fell four meters from a balcony and injured , back. For a short time, the GZSZ hottie even sat in a wheelchair.

As reported by rtl.de, however, Felix van Deventer was able to slip into , role of Jonas for the first time on 1 October. “I am very happy and happy to be able to shoot for GZSZ again and I am looking forward to the new stories about my role Jonas.” At this point I would like to thank you again for the many wishes for recovery, which have given me a lot of strength I'm full again for my family and my role, “said the 23-year-old in an interview with the broadcaster.

Update from September 5th: Bad news for all GZSZ fans. The popular actor Felix van Deventer (23) is back in hospital after , horror fall. The “Jonas” actor fell on 30 August from a balcony – from about four meters in height! , contracted a fracture on the second lumbar vertebrae.

Felix van Deventer had already left the hospital, with a message to the GZSZ fans turned. , said: “I'm on the way to recovery, of course, get painkillers, but it gets better.” Now the drama: Felix van Deventer is since Wednesday evening back to the clinic and there under observation. The reason shocked: Apparently the pain was too strong! That reports rtl.de, The transmitter writes: “Currently , is there in inpatient treatment.” When , finally left the hospital and how it is at present about , and , spinal injury is not known. “

GZSZ star Felix van Deventer in a wheelchair! Was alcohol guilty of horror accident?

Update from September 1st: What a horror accident! GZSZ star Felix van Deventer (23) fell four meters into the depths, had to go to hospital with , spine open. The actor said opposite now rtl.de: “I was lucky in bad luck. I currently spend most of my time in a wheelchairbecause I can only walk in very great pain. “The management of” GZSZ-Jonas “also commented on the station, a spokesperson said:” Felix van Deventer has a partial fracture of the spine. Had it been only 1.5 centimeters farther left, paralysis would not have been ruled out. But I want to emphasize that alcohol did not matter in , fall. “So Felix van Deventer was sober when , fell off the balcony.

GZSZ star Felix van Deventer with horror accident! News about fall

Update from August 31, 16:51: Anyone who has been in the hospital for some time knows that a clinic is not a particularly cool place to hang out. Will probably also think the GZSZ star Felix van Deventer (23). It has one after another Four-meter fall from the balcony hit hard, the poorest part of the spine has broken. The actor told Instagram. Now the fan favorite has posted a new story from the hospital.

We see a short clip, sadly held in black and white. Felix van Deventer is sitting in a wheelchair after , accident. , feet are in flip-flops, , wears shorts. On the left arm – as is the case in the hospital – a tag with all the information about , person. The message of the GZSZ star is clear: “Wat a shit …”, the patient writes. , almost 230,000 followers on Instagram allowed the 23-year-olds to stock up on their best wishes for recovery. Felix van Deventer has not yet uploaded a photo, where fans and GZSZ colleagues can leave a few comforting words. Maybe it's still coming.

Clear message from GZSZ star Felix van Deventer.

© Screenshot Instagram Felix van Deventer

Update from August 31st, 3:42 pm: What a shock message for all GZSZ fans. Felix van Deventer (23, plays Jonas Seefeld) had a bad accident, is in the hospital. At Instagram, the serial darling posted a story that shows , visibly taken in the hospital bed. The actor wrote the following words: “Hey friends, I had one yesterday Accident, fell four meters from the balcony and broke a part of my spine, But luckily, that did not happen to me anymore. It could have been much worse. Thank God. “The spine protects the spinal cord in humans, which is an important part of the central nervous system, so it's hard to imagine what could have happened in the accident.

Meanwhile, a GZSZ spokesman has also spoken. Opinion to bild.de Frank Pick said: “Felix van Deventer had an accident privately – so not at the shoot – sure , will soon be back for , family and fans and be able to shoot at GZSZ. Get well soon and get well soon!“Felix van Deventer recently became a dad, and earlier this year , became more widely known outside the GZSZ universe, when” Jonas “took part in the RTL jungle camp, taking second place behind Evelyn Burdecki (30).

The cult Soap “Good times, bad times” (running since 1992 throughout German TV) is – like many other TV formats too – recorded in advance, According to media reports, this is a period of about two months. Whether the horror accident of Felix van Deventer has influence on the Jonas story of GZSZ, will therefore show October / November.

Visually drawn: GZSZ star Felix van Deventer.

© Screenshot Instagram Felix van Deventer

GZSZ-Jonas (Felix van Deventer) shows , new girlfriend Antje

Original message: Berlin – Since 5544 Felix van Deventer (22) plays the role of Jonas Seefeld at “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten” (GZSZ) on RTL (MO-FR, 19.40). In the Daily Soap Jonas tries unsuccessfully as a DJ, has so far recorded no great success in the Berlin club scene. At school , looks after the girls, in the afternoon , is in the late purchase behind the cash register.

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GZSZ-Jonas Seefeld (Felix van Deventer) is in love

At GZSZ, Jonas is single: , attempts to flirt constantly fail, a relationship seems impossible for Jonas Seefeld! But privately it's just really good for the native Hamburg in terms of love: Felix van Deventer is in love right now!

Jonas Seefeld has no luck in love with GZSZ – privately , is in love with fresh.

© MG RTL D Rolf Baumgartner

On Sunday, a picture suddenly appeared on Instagram with Felix highlighted. Then the actor is smooching with a stranger to see. Is this all just played? No! Here Felix van Deventer kisses completely private, Since the picture was posted publicly, the soap star will probably make no secret of , new love.

GZSZ-Jonas Seefeld (Felix van Deventer) smooches with Antje

Felix van Deventer, aka Jonas Seefeld, is snogging with , new love Antje.

© Screenshot Instagram

The blonde in the photo is called Antje and comes from Potsdam – exactly where Felix van Deventer is in front of the camera every day for GZSZ (More GZSZ – all information about the episode of 14.08 in our live ticker).
But who is the beautiful blonde who is called “aaaaaaaanniii” on Instagram and has 669 subscribers? Apparently not a celebrity like Felix. There is little information about Antje so far, On , Instagram account, the Berliner shows in a white blouse, with huge glitter earrings or on the prom. Somehow it seems that Antje, the new girlfriend of GZSZ star Jonas Seefeld, is a normal girl. And that seems to be good for Felix van Deventer. Nothing is normal at GZSZ anyway. All information about GZSZ episode 6562 from 31.07.2018 is there on RTL.

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