Greta Thunberg: shock! Does it put people at risk? Researcher unpacks

Greta Thunberg: shock! Does it put people at risk? Researcher unpacks

Greta Thunberg is a climate icon for many people. But a researcher is now harsh criticism of the Swede – even accuses , to bring more people into danger.

Update from 06.09.2019: To combat climate change, Greta Thunberg says it is inevitable to reduce CO2 emissions. , does not notice that this has drastic consequences for the economy. At least that is the statement of a scientist who is heavily criticizing the young climate activist and , methods.

In one Interview with The Danish political scientist Björn Lomborg surprises with , theses. Although , says that climate change is man-made, Greta Thunberg only gives empty promises and the problem has to be tackled from another angle.

, accuses environmentalists such as Greta Thunberg of “wanting to dump all the money in order to save the world”, ignoring the fact that other sectors such as the economy are extremely neglected. According to Lomborg, that would mean that global economic power would be reduced by 2 to 4 percent by 2100. , believes that climate protection should not happen at the expense of the economy.

Expert with harsh criticism of Greta Thunberg

According to Lomborg, it would be better to invest more money in the research of green technologies and not in the current climate policy. As an example, , argues that switching to solar energy in Germany was extremely costly because not enough research was done.

People in poorer countries should be allowed to “leave their corrugated ironworks”. According to the scientist, it is “immoral” to forbid them to use fossil fuels to reduce global CO2 emissions.

Is Greta Thunberg putting people at risk? Warning from expert

According to, the expert warns that the radicalism with which Greta Thunberg proceeds will put more people at risk rather than rescue them. , harshly criticizes Greta Thunberg for , actions against climate change but does not want to accuse , and says: “I blame the adults for frightening them, misinforming them and using them to push through an agenda that costs billions, but almost none Benefits. “

According to the policy researcher, the money should be put first in education, research and development aid and then only in the fight against CO2 emissions.

AfD man Andreas Kalbitz has badly offended Greta Thunberg.

© Ralf Hirschberger / Kirsty Wigglesworth, both dpa (photomontage)

Update August 28, 2019: Greta Thunberg in New York: This MEGA surprise is waiting for them, as reported by, part of the Ippen Digital Editorial Network.

Update from August 22, 2019: In the state of Brandenburg are on 1 September this year state elections. According to polls, the right-wing populist alternative for Germany (AfD) could emerge victorious. The top candidate is Andreas Kalbitz (46). The politician recently discussed with students, taking party out-right Björn Höcke (47) in protection – and Insulted the environmental activist Greta Thunberg (16) the worst,

According to several media reports, Kalbitz was a guest at a panel discussion in the state parliament of Brandenburg. There, the AfD man discussed with some students. One of those present criticized Höcke, who was “quite frankly a Nazi”. That did not leave Kalbitz sitting on , godfather friend. , said “I'm sorry that you are so blinded by the Dauerrotlichtbestungung that you get medial at the school.” Höcke was “no Nazi”, but stand “on the ground of liberal-democratic Grundornung” , Even environmental activist Greta Thunberg got , fat away.

AfD-man Kalbitz berated the 16-year-old apparently as “Plait-faced Moon Face Girl“! Spicy: Greta Thunberg is currently in the process of crossing the Atlanktik, so can not comment on the nasty attack. The environmental activist renounced a plane to come to America. However, that brought , also criticism, because the crew, which is the sailing yacht with the Greta Thunberg traveled back, had to fly back to America.

Old message: Stockholm – The 16-year-old climate protection activist Greta Thunberg has become a celebrity worldwide in a relatively short time. Hardly anyone is the Swede no idea. It kick-started the “Fridays for Future” demonstrations, where students and students volunteer on the road to climate change every Friday. But the mother of Greta Thunberg is no stranger.

Greta Thunberg: , hot mother is an ESC superstar

Greta Thunberg's mother, Malena Ernman (48), was on stage for Sweden at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, where , made a good impression. Their placement was not very high. Fans of the TV show will remember the former winner Alexander Rybak and , song “Fairytale”. , started for Norway and received the highest score after , appearance. Germany was represented by the music duo “Alex Swings Oscar Sings” and came in 20th place. Only one place behind was the mother of Greta Thunberg Malena Ernman with , English-French song “La voix” (The Voice).

Malena Ernman performing at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

© picture alliance / dpa / epa Sergei Ilnitsky

Greta Thunberg: Mother shows up in opera role in underwear

Malena Ernman, whose full name is Sara Magdalena Ernman, is a well-known opera singer in Sweden. The mother of Greta Thunberg has already played some big roles. A video on the platform Youtube of 2017 is to show Malena Ernman in the play “Rodelinda”. The video was uploaded by a private individual, in the title is given the mother of Greta Thunberg. There the Swede shows herself in a scene quite frankly in underwear and suspenders on the bed with another opera singer.

However, Malena Ernman became known to the German audience mainly through , performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. In the Swedish preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest, the Melodifestivalen, , prevailed against the other candidates and eventually stood in the final in Moscow on the stage.

In a tight white dress, , performed , pop opera aria in English and French. Both languages ​​are dominated by the beautiful Swede. Loud Focus the dress should have cost 400,000 crowns (about 37,000 euros). , blond hair was also an eye-catcher. “At first it was just a crazy idea, but I liked it because my children and my husband encouraged me to risk it once in my life,” said Greta Thunberg's mother in an interview with about , participation , , 21st place, however, was the worst result since 1992.

Greta Thunberg: Mother shows up in opera role in underwear

Malena Ernman was born on 4 November 1970 in the Swedish city of Uppsala. In addition to , well-known daughter Greta Thunberg (born 2003 in Stockholm) , has a younger daughter. , is married to music producer and actor Svante Thunberg.


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