“Goodbye Germany”: Jens Büchner's 50th Birthday – Danni calls sad details

"Goodbye Germany": Jens Büchner's 50th Birthday - Danni calls sad details

The “Goodbye Germany” star Jens Büchner would have turned 50 in October. Now , widow Danni reveals sad details about this day.

Update from September 10: October 30 is the day Jens Büchner celebrates , 50th birthday. A tough day for , family, who lost “Malle-Jens” to lung cancer in November of last year. But , widow Danni Büchner tries to stay strong despite the heavy blow of fate – especially for the common twins of the “Goodbye Germany” star. Also the Faneteria, which Jens Büchner was very important during , lifetime, reopened this season – which also brought Danni Büchner to its limits, as we already reported.

But this year's season on Mallorca is coming to an end and the birthday of , deceased husband is approaching. In an interview with kukksi.de, Danni revealed how the 50th birthday of Jens will look like at Büchner's home. The mother betrayed a sad detail. “The Faneteria we close this year end of October – where my husband's birthday and 50 would have become. I will celebrate this at home with family and friends and we will let balloons into the sky. “This touching gesture is certainly well received by all guests – so everyone can say , last words to Jens Büchner.

Update from September 8: Before , tragic death, Jens Büchner († 49) had initiated yet another of , most important projects: The Faneteria. The future of the café was uncertain for a long time – but now a decision has been made.

Jens Büchner is unforgotten until today. The all-rounder of “Goodbye Germany” lives on among others in , Faneteria. , widow Danni looks after the café in the heart of Cala Millor on the east coast of Majorca. Recently, the expatriate shocked with a confession: , did not know if the Fanetaria ever open again. But now apparently a decision has been made.

The business partners of Daniela, Marco and Tamara Gülpen, joined rtl.de: “Does this fit between Danni and us? Yes, it fits. And it's fun! “A clear yes, so to the heart project of” Goodbye Germany “emigrant Jens books. The fans will be pleased, after all, the café was very well-attended at the reopening.

Jens Büchner (Goodbye Germany): Faneteria before the end? Danni shocks with confession

Update from the 4th of September: Anyone who stopped by at RTL yesterday evening may be lost in nostalgia. After the big finale and the reunion show of this year's “Sommerhaus der Stars” -Staffel, the candidates from the past seasons looked back on their time in the summer house. Of course, Danni Büchner was not missing in this great review. Spectators felt with Danni: For them, it was far from easy to look back in time. After all, , Jens, who has been dead for almost a year, was still at , side. After , death, the 41-year-old had to keep the family together, take care of the common twins and, of course, bring Jens Büchner's “Faneteria” to fruition. The “Goodbye Deutschland” star was all about keeping the Café on Mallorca alive.

Will Faneteria not be around next year? Danni Büchner speaks plain text.

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Slowly, the season in Mallorca is coming to an end. Can fans of the popular “Goodbye Deutschland” stars not stay in the cult café next year? In one Interview with kukksi.de Danni Büchner shocked with a confession: “Who knows if we open at all – let us surprise you.” Is the faneteria about to go out? The widow of Jens Büchner did not want to elaborate on that, just said: “Everything is being discussed, what we are doing, what not and how I can do that in a family atmosphere.” Danni Büchner also says that the first season without , beloved Jens is pretty was hard. “It was a great emotional effort for me emotionally. The first time in the shop, I always cried and hid in the kitchen. ”

“Goodbye Germany”: fans of Jens Büchner fans pissed off because of Faneteria

Cala Millor – trouble for one of the most famous faces at “Goodbye Germany“Because: That was it Daniela Büchner, which is also called Danni Büchner, presented differently. After the death of , husband, the pop singer and reality TV starJens Buchner, in November 2018, , had hoped that , and , five children would finally be back on their feet. But it does not look like that right now. Not only does the family holiday in Turkey have a “grab in the toilet” – as Danni puts it – but now there is some trouble with the Faneteria in Mallorca.

The café, which reopened the 41-year-old after the death of , husband in Mallorca, is again in the negative headlines. The travel portal “Holiday Check” Faneteria, which was also known by “Goodbye Germany” on Vox, very much get bad reviews,

Last year, the Büchners had to close the Faneteria in Mallorca. Even then, the amateur astronomers could not satisfy their guests, even at that time there had been some sharp criticism of service and offer of the restaurant. According to their own statement, the couple had difficulties finding good staff. And then came the health of Jens Büchner. In November then the heavy blow of fate for Danni Büchner when , Jens died.

Jens Büchner's Faneteria: Everything should be fine

Half a year later, everything should be fine again. Daniela Büchner had found new partners for Faneteria, the restaurateurs Marco (54) and Tamara Gülpen (27). Together they wanted to bring the store back into positive numbers. The hotelier from Cologne and , wife had long been friends with the Büchners. Gülpen said to RTL at the time: “We want the shop to stay alive. , should then look like small changes last year. We will change as little as possible to keep the spirit of Jens. “

But from the good intentions has apparently not much. In addition, Tamara is highly pregnant, the couple also operates a hostel. Everything too much for the three business partners?

Fans mad! Bad reviews for the faneteria in Mallorca

If you believe the reviews of the guests, apparently. The faneteria in Mallorca has just reached the grade 2.9 (here are the reviews on the page) Thus, Daniela Büchner's restaurant is the worst rated in Cala Millor – for comparison, the Cafe Mallorca has the grade 5.7.

At a score of 2.9 are also the Comments not really niceFor example, guest Sascha writes: “Waiting for an iced tea for 30 minutes. Both operators have accepted the request and comforted us (the iced tea is coming soon). A total of 4 times asked if the iced tea is coming. The coronation was that the service that served us first … “Gabi expresses it even more drastically:” Just rip-off, everything is in the store, but nothing warm. Operation slow and friendly is different. “Ortwin:” That was nothing, just a waste of time. Unmotivated staff, dirty shop, that was nothing. ”

But not everyone looks so black. Regina writes: “We thought it was great with Ms. Büchner. , masters it all very well. It was also very clean there. , took pictures with us and talked nice with us afterwards. I do not understand the bad review here. , really does the best , can. “

Incidentally, Cala Millor is located on the east coast of the Spanish holiday island so popular with the Germans. The Faneteria was opened in March 2018 in Mallorca. The Vox film crew of “Goodbye Germany” accompanied the Büchners and quickly gave the restaurant a high profile.


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