BTN-Hammer: After eight years, hot veteran leaves “Berlin – day and night”

BTN-shock: After eight years - beautiful veteran leaves "Berlin - day and night"

Since Peggy's accident, “Berlin day and night” (BTN) was back and forth and Joe even blamed Alina for this. Alina then makes a plan. Will , go forever?

Berlin – Most recently, Peggy and Alina, played by Saskia Beecks, have spoken out on “Berlin – Day and Night” (BTN). Although , desperately wants to return to the old state, Joe can not forget that it was Alinas and Moritz's fault that , great love Peggy was involved in a car accident and was hit.

Joe is still stubborn and does not want to have anything to do with Alina, , goes out of , way. Again, , makes it clear to , that , friendship has vanished. Alina still can not stand this. Now the audience is wondering: is Saskia Beecks finally out of the TV series?

“Berlin day and night”: Peggy wants to change Alina

Alina made a plan at Joe's rejection. , wants to support Franzi in Gran Canaria, who can always use , helping hands. Peggy, feared fans at the time of an exit, but Alina still decides to retune, so , should not succeed. Shortly thereafter, Alina signs a contract of sale. One last conversation with Joe stops , from flying right away.

BTN fans will probably look at the conversation with mixed feelings. Because Joe admits that , can not jump over , shadow, but , also explains that , will always have a special place in , heart. But that will not stop Alina from turning , back on Berlin. After a tearful hug Joe Alina finally drives to the airport himself.

“Berlin day and night” (BTN): “Maybe this time forever”

On the way there, BTN-Alina (Saskia Beecks) summarizes: “Joe was always like a father to me and it hurts that I have disappointed ,. But most of all, I have disappointed myself. And that's why I have to get back to myself first before I can think about the future. “

Although , does not know whether , will be happy where , goes, or whether , search will continue. “All I know is that it's time to say goodbye,” says Alina. “Bye Berlin. This time maybe forever, “, says goodbye to” Berlin – day and night “

“Berlin day and night”: Is , really forever?

So that's it. Alina is really serious and leaves. Final? Forever? Whether actress Saskia Beecks, who after all, since 2011 – with a two-year break from 2014-2016 – stood for “Berlin day and night” in front of the camera, one day comes back sometime, remains to be seen. In private, the beautiful actress became one Relationship with an ex-bachelorette reputed, as * reported.

, fans respond to Instagram on Saskia Beeck's last post with mixed feelings. So a user writes: “Hey Saskia, are you finally finished with Berlin day and night? I'm so damn sad and weeping ….. Please do not make fun of me … “Another follower is quite different opinion:” I have to say, I'm glad ,'s leaving. “

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