Borderlands 3 – Good Against Remotes is one thing: guide to trophies (easy cooperative method of shooting)

Borderlands 3 - Good Against Remotes is one thing: guide to trophies (easy cooperative method of shooting)

Borderlands 3 Good Against Remotes Is One Thing Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide – Get a perfect firing range score on any difficulty. (Bronze)

The shooting range is found in the Sanctuary, your spaceship. It is marked on the map with a duck icon.
On the left side of the shooting range there are two consoles. One explains the rules of the game, one begins the targets to appear. For this trophy, you should only finish it in Normal mode (hit 15 targets in 20 seconds). If you miss a target, you need to let it go and start over.

The easiest way to achieve this: do it in cooperation! Only the person who starts the shooting range receives the trophy, but with 4 people the others can stay inside the shooting range and shoot at targets from different angles. This makes it a lot easier, as all of your co-operating partners can help shoot targets. If you have a friend to help, don't worry about , alone.

If you want to do it yourself: wait until after the story, when you have insanely mastered weapons. Rapid-shot rifles or accurate semi-automatic weapons can work well. With Moze, it's easier because your green skill tree greatly increases magazine size, with a great chance not to consume ammo every few photos, and magazines automatically reloading as you shoot. It's possible with all solo characters, but if you have problems, ask a cooperative partner for help.

Thanks to dalailama1989, LordMaim, ggamer15 for helping 🙂

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All Borderlands 3 (BL3) Trophies and Achievements:

Ultimate Vault Hunter
Unlock all Borderlands® 3 trophies.

Do you have skills
Reach level 2.

Reach level 10.

Jump to the top
Reach level 25.

Borderlands Biggest Badass
Reach level 50.

Unlock 10 heads or character skins.

Unlock 10 pieces of the vehicle by hijacking.

Enjoyed Tips
Moxxi Tip.

I hope you don't have tea bag
Win a duel.

Stay away from light
Revive another player.

Gun Pals!
Send an item to a friend.

Dropping loads
Win a live grenade on a slot machine.

Good against remotes is one thing
Get a perfect firing range score on any difficulty.

My name is Earl
Buy 20 Crazy Earl Cosmetic Items.

Tales from Eridian Slab
Decipher all the slabs of Eridian.

Slaughterhouse 3
Complete all circles of the massacre.

One hundred names for sand
Discover all named places on Pandora.

Discover all named locations on Eden-6.

City slicker
Discover all named locations in Promethea.

Exoarqueolo – Do You Understand The Essentials
Discover all named places in Nekrotafeyo.

Search Master Of All You
Discover all named locations.

Ă€ la carte
Complete 20 parallel missions.

A little aside
Complete all side missions.

100 Proof
Clear all Eridian proof camps.

Got Big Game
Defeat all Hammerlock Legendary Fighters.

Zer0ed In
Defeat all Zer0 opportunity targets.

Barrel right on them
Kill an enemy with an explosive barrel.

Feeling a little Stabby
Kill an enemy by stabbing , with a weapon.

Stick them to them
Kill two or more enemies with a single sticky grenade.

On fleek
Equip equipment with purple rarity or better in all slots.

Rewards Card
Earn a loyalty pack from each weapon manufacturer.

Welcome to Crimson Raiders
Complete the quest "Sons of the Vault".

See you later, Pandora!
Complete the mission "Flying".

NOG It Off
Complete the mission "Hostile Takeover".

I mustache you a question
Complete the mission "Atlas, at last".

Out of my sight
Complete the mission "Under the Meridian".

It was cold
Complete the quest "Harpy's Lair".

Heir to an empty castle
Complete the quest "Cold as the Tomb".

Cross the streamers
Complete the mission "Blood Drive".

Complete the mission "The Great Vault".

I am a goddess, a glorious warrior
Complete the quest "In the Shadow of Starlight".

Bye Felicia!
Complete the mission "Divine Retribution".

Florida man
Bellow by grenade or explosion.

Stay golden
Use a golden key.

Damn, Gina
Get all the vault rewards.

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